We require students & families to commit to a full year of programming and
we use 7 building blocks for success!




After-school programs provide remedial support and give students experiences that can help prepare them for life after high school. Our professional and caring staff works together to find and create programs that combine education with fun, hands-on experiences.

Cultural Enrichment

We target economically disadvantaged youth and their families who reside in isolated and scattered communities in South Park, Bethel Park, and Baldwin-Whitehall. The need for cultural enrichment during out-of-school time for youth living in these neighborhoods has been well researched by experts that argue that culturally appropriate and positive identification is a key to building self-esteem. There is a serious concern for the rising issue of the “school to jail pipeline” in our suburban communities. We continue to search for strategies to address the issue of low self-worth and increasing cultural pride has proven to be effective in building self-esteem.  


Family Matters

Melting Pot Ministries sees family engagement as a crucial element to our success and works to remove barriers that prevent caregivers from staying central in their child’s education. We offer a Family Matters program that includes a family intake process, family workshops, and family events and retreats to help parents stay involved.

Social-emotional Skill Building

Many of our students face and overcome difficult obstacles in their lives. However, their survival skills aren’t always effective in the classroom or the workplace. Our program teaches students positive ways to cope with anger, conflict resolution, and other strategies to keep them focused on school. From one-on-one coaching to wraparound services, our hands-on approach helps students recognize patterns of behavior, break the cycle and see tangible improvements.


Student Leadership

High School students gain valuable experience for the real world by connecting with younger students and serving as positive role models. We encourage and provide our student leaders with many opportunities to have a real impact by tutoring and mentoring younger participants. Many student leaders are first-generation college applicants. Therefore we conduct college tours and help navigate through the difficulties of college and/or career choices.

Summer Camp

Summer programs are particularly valuable to students whose families don’t have access to resources, as summer breaks are often when students are most distracted and adversely affected by home life.



Melting Pot is committed to promoting good nutrition, physical activity, access to health services, and a healthy school environment. We offer a variety of after school and summer activities to encourage physical movement, healthy eating and time outdoors.